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Yah's Holy Feast Days

Feast of Dedication

Remembering the Re-dedication of the Temple

*This feast is not commanded by Yah, but observed by men to honor Him. The Feast of Dedication is referenced in the book of 1 and 2 Maccabees.

December 18 - Dec 26, 2022

All Feast Days begin at sundown and end at sundown on the day specified in your location.

Scriptural Reference

1 Maccabees 4:36-61

36 Then Judah and his brothers said, “Now that our enemies have been crushed, let us go up to purify the sanctuary* and rededicate it.”

37 So the whole army assembled, and went up to Mount Zion.

38 They found the sanctuary desolate, the altar desecrated, the gates burnt, weeds growing in the courts as in a thicket or on some mountain, and the priests’ chambers demolished.

39 Then they tore their garments and made great lamentation; they sprinkled their heads with ashes

40 and prostrated themselves. And when the signal was given with trumpets, they cried out to Heaven.

41 Judah appointed men to attack those in the citadel, while he purified the sanctuary.

42 He chose blameless priests, devoted to the law;

43 These purified the sanctuary and carried away the stones of the defilement to an unclean place.

44 They deliberated what ought to be done with the altar for burnt offerings that had been desecrated.

45 They decided it best to tear it down, lest it be a lasting shame to them that the Gentiles had defiled it; so they tore down the altar.

46 They stored the stones in a suitable place on the temple mount, until the coming of a prophet who could determine what to do with them.

47 Then they took uncut stones, according to the law, and built a new altar like the former one.

48 They also repaired the sanctuary and the interior of the temple and consecrated the courts.

49 They made new sacred vessels and brought the lampstand, the altar of incense, and the table into the temple.

50 Then they burned incense on the altar and lighted the lamps on the lampstand, and these illuminated the temple.

51 They also put loaves on the table and hung up the curtains. Thus they finished all the work they had undertaken.

52 They rose early on the morning of the twenty-fifth day of the ninth month, that is, the month of Kislev, in the year one hundred and forty-eight,*

53 and offered sacrifice according to the law on the new altar for burnt offerings that they had made.

54 On the anniversary of the day on which the Gentiles had desecrated it, on that very day it was rededicated with songs, harps, lyres, and cymbals.

55 All the people prostrated themselves and adored and praised Heaven, who had given them success.

56 For eight days they celebrated the dedication of the altar and joyfully offered burnt offerings and sacrifices of deliverance and praise.

57 They ornamented the facade of the temple with gold crowns and shields; they repaired the gates and the priests’ chambers and furnished them with doors.

58 There was great joy among the people now that the disgrace brought by the Gentiles was removed.

59 Then Judah and his brothers and the entire assembly of Israel decreed that every year for eight days, from the twenty-fifth day of the month Kislev, the days of the dedication* of the altar should be observed with joy and gladness on the anniversary.

60 At that time they built high walls and strong towers around Mount Zion, to prevent the Gentiles from coming and trampling it as they had done before.

61 Judah also placed a garrison there to protect it, and likewise fortified Beth-zur, that the people might have a stronghold facing Idumea.


December 18 - Dec 26, 2022 (25th day of Kislev)

Ye shall keep my sabbaths, and reverence my sanctuary: I Am YHWH

Leviticus 19:30 KJV

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